Mountain Dew Presents Solis Music and Arts Festival took place on 9th February at the Rock Musicarium Lake View Park in Islamabad. The event featured national and international Electronic Dance Music sensations including DJ Danny Avila, Joe Ghost, Kris Kaiden, FDVM, Maleo and Turhan James.

Mountain Dew presents Solis Music and Arts Festival marks the first ever Pakistani performance for both Pakistani and international DJs playing at the festival. Attended by 5000 to 6000 people including Uzair Jaswal and Frieha Altaf, the event started off with performances by our home grown EDM talent Turhan James, followed by international EDM sensations including the French DJ Maleo, Canadian DJ duo Joe Ghost & Kris Kaiden, and French DJ duo FDVM. The finale performance was done by Spanish House and Electro House DJ Danny Avila.

Sharing his excitement for playing for the first time in Pakistan, the Canadian DJ Kris Kaiden commented, “I cannot wait to play in Islamabad at Mountain Dew Presents Solis Music and Art Festival and make my Pakistani debut. I am really excited to be a part of the fast-growing EDM scene here in Pakistan. I felt the energy the moment I landed here the first time.

With a growing interest in Electronic Dance Music in Pakistan, the Mountain Dew presents Solis Music and Arts Festival will be the first of its kind. “We are so delighted to be here in Pakistan for our South Asia tour and perform at Mountain Dew presents Solis Music and Art Festival. We are really looking forward to meet the public in Islamabad and share the good vibe and love over there! Pakistan has been so welcoming, we are having a great time,” says the French DJ duo FDVM.

Addressing the beauty of the Pakistani culture and commenting on the interest in EDM music in Pakistan, Canadian DJ Joe Ghost adds, “Pakistan is a country that is so rich in culture, everything from the food to the music has a unique appeal to it and you can’t find this anywhere else, I am really excited to be able to experience it first-hand.  I feel like the EDM culture is thriving in Pakistan, fans of the music are really passionate about it, and I can’t wait to see what memories we create together during my set!



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