If you are sane person with a good sense of humour, it will be under very unlikely circumstances that you find yourself laughing uncontrollably at the comedy Romeo Weds Heer hints at! You would in fact find yourself question its genre at instances where the bland humour proves to be a headache rather than entertainment!

Yes I know! The poster was great but a very wise man once said “Don’t judge book by its cover”! Oh wait! That too is a name of a book! Anyways don’t make the mistake of having high aspirations from this insult of a comedy.


Did you check out Feroze Khan? Man, does he even look like an established actor? Feels like a debut to me on a very serious note! Complete lack of energy, with an obvious chunk of fun missing is why this drama is an utter disappointment!


While the flawless chemistry between Iqra and Farhan Saeed in suno Chanda had us glued to our television screens, the absolutely lack of one between Feroze Khan and Sana Javed made us curse the time when we decided to watch it!

Every character in Suno Chanda, starting from Bibijaan with her stern character and flawless looks, to the absolutely adorable and witty little kid DJ, plays an important role in creating the aura of the joint family system. Never do you find the visual clutter in Suno Chanda that ultimately becomes unbearable in case of Romeo weds Heer!


One question from the team of Romeo weds Heer? Why, oh why would you have blank walls in a drama serial which is supposed to be so playful? Such monotony, coupled with a production quality even lower than that of soap dramas; one would never expect such a failure from Anjum Shahzad, especially right after his marvellous hit through “Khaani”.

Younas Butt could have taken some inspiration from Saima Akram Chaudhry, the writer of Suno Chandha! One wouldn’t mind listening to an energetic banter between Feroze Khan and Sana Javed either! Just imagine!

Nah! I would much rather prefer Arsal and Jiya’s character any day!


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