Rhythmic music, beautiful lyrics and a video to match the mood of the song; Haris Haroon’s newly released song Meherma is superbly impressive. The song released a few days ago on all digital platforms worldwide and has made a real impact.

Meherma song is primarily a love ballad. What really stands out is the amazing musical arrangement. It beautifully blends in with the lyrics. For a newcomer in the field, Haris Haroon has done a masterful job. At times in trying to make an impression, musicians can go overboard with the music. Haris keeps it rather simple and in that he is able to convey the message of the song. The music is soothing and puts you at ease.

Then with the lyrics, the song poses an intriguing question and answers it. For eternity, people have been expressing love. So, how do we find a way to authentically express love? So he requests his Meherma to look for his love in his actions rather than his words. Even though, I am not able to deliver ornate poems, please understand that I love you dearly and everything that I have is yours; that seems to be the request by Haris. It is a powerful message delivered with simplicity and originality.

The video follows the story of a simple girl who seems disinterested in life. Due to her past, she is incapable of doing basic tasks. Lost in her thoughts wandering around the home, she looks uneasy. An emotional attachment to origamis reflect at a dark past. They are more than just pieces of paper. However, as life happens, she has no option but to leave behind her memories. It’s painful, she tries to resist it but it becomes an inevitability.

Meherma is a soul soothing track. A song that will grow on you each time, you listen to it. Haris Haroon makes an earnest attempt at portraying his feelings and succeeds in doing so. At its heart Meherma is an intense plea for recognition, understanding and love. Something all of us can understand.


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