Hareem Farooq in that goth look? IF LOOKS COULD KILL!! *overload of heart emojis!*

No denial, Heer Maan Ja’s music is an instant chart-buster. Right when Addi Maar started trending in every playlist, IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films have just unveiled another hip song, Heer Maan Ja’s title track, that will catch you off your feet and make you hop along with the beat!

With vocals by Herbie Sahara from Sahara U.K. and music by Vee Music, the song comes off as an upbeat club-mix and we can’t stop moving a little to it.

Featuring the couple that slays together, Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan, along with Faizan Shaikh, Heer Maan Ja’s new music video is dazzling us with the cast’s electrifying moves. Not to mention those stunning apparels! Black in its most sizzling futuristic form!

The trio can be seen clad in black leather jackets set against a dimly lit background adorned with neon lights to set the mood. The discotheque look and those killer dance moves has totally set fire to the set!

Coming to the killer looks, Hareem Farooq in this video is enough to SLAY big time! She looks gorgeous in her contemporary black patiala coupled with that shimmery top, swaying to the music along with Ali and Faizan.

And the way they’ve contrasted her gothic looks to the second Aphrodite inspired one – dreamy and glamourous as a Greek goddess in a beautiful white gown – is to die for. Hareem pulls off both the looks with outright grace and you kind-of don’t want to stop watching her!

Choreographed by the brilliant Osman Khalid Butt, the video is a next level to any dance number out there. The fact that it is a title track, the catchy tune and fun lyrics force us to binge-listen to it.

Here’s a little treat to your ears and eyes:

By Hina Ghaffar


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