With the power to influence and urge people to stay at home, Pakistani celebrities have been tweeting and putting up Instagram posts about social distancing and self-isolation. Actress, Hareem Farooq expressed her views and concern through a live Instagram session to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t usually get to see the real side of our favorite stars, so it was a thought-provoking, meaningful, and fun session where she spent quite some time interacting with her fans. Here’s everything that the actress was seen discussing in her Instagram live!

She emphasized to take the isolation seriously and added: “It’s very important to wash our hands regularly for at least twenty seconds, keep ourselves and surroundings clean as much as we can. Self-isolation doesn’t mean that we should sit at home and relax. Those who are privileged have nothing more to do except binge-watching, doing workouts, napping, etc. Let’s not forget, the real test is for people working on daily wages and monthly salaries. We should find ways to help each and every individual”. 

Her friends also accompanied her during the session to find creative solutions to contribute: “Besides giving verbal awareness about the virus, we can distribute hand sanitizers and face masks. We can also make ration bags and distribute them starting from our own localities. It’s important to change lives by contributing. It doesn’t have to be big, even a ration bag of Rs.5000/- would work”. 

She also urged everyone to help the unprivileged: “I request you all to share details of such people you know at my Inbox or DM; we will bring them to the public eye and help them. I will make sure that they would connect to the right people. Many people need medical assistance and women who are expecting a child; we need to come up with preventive measures for them. Philanthropists can make the best use of technology i.e., using Easy paisa or Jazz cash for transferring funds”.  

An empty brain is a devil’s paradise; having nothing to do makes one overthink. Hareem urged to get involved in creative activities: “It’s better to be optimistic, indulge in positive acts, and learn something new, especially children. Board games are a good source to interact with your loved ones. I am also writing a journal that I was willing to write for a long time. I write all the positive thought that comes in my mind”.

In this time and age where technology works and everyone is isolated, Hareem lightened up the mood when she was joined by singer Abdullah Qureshi who sang songs on her request. Her best friend and country’s heartthrob Ali Rehman Khan also joined in for a casual chit chat. She ended the session with an initiative to spread as many acts of kindness. She added: “In this difficult time, we should all unite, be empathetic and most importantly be human”.  


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