As time passes, and Eid ul Adha approaches, the promotional game has rapidly gone up a notch with the number of brilliant musical tracks being unveiled by film Superstar.

While no doubt with every release Azaan Sami Khan and Saad Sultan are raising the bar, with each release, and the expectations are at an all time high for the final product. Kudos to the team for maintaining a top slot.

What we so far understand that every musical release, there has been a story behind it. Bekaraan introduced us to the characters and what to expect, in dinon connected the romantic dots for our love birds Noori and Sameer, and then bang Mahira Khan’s character nails with it her rise to stardom through titular track ‘Noori’ and then we have a glimpse of emotional twists / turns through Ghalat Fehmi.

No doubt the superstars and the egos will collide which is the basic premise of the latest release which pretty much highlights the concept of ‘misunderstanding’. No other better way then to have powerful lyrics written by Shakeel Sohail who has nailed it each time with the journey that of our lead pair to be witnessed on the big screen.

The qawaali factor we feel is the perfect mix in the compilation of songs and the vocals by Asim Azhar and Zenab Fatemah Sultan have flawlessly synced IN this emotional roller of a track, coming our way. Superstar is definitely turning out to be a perfect package for our starlets Bilal Ashraf & Mahira Khan.

Watch Song Here :

We cant wait to watch the world of glitz glam and showbusiness this eid.


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