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What kind of speech was that?

Rarely have anyone seen the kind of prime ministerial address which Imran Khan delivered last night. The strength being conviction and connection with his audience; emotional resemblance with the high and low, with poor and rich; like a father talks to his child, gave a renewed hope to people.

This kind of sentimental association and the pronoun ‘We’– which includes the people of Pakistan and Himself (when it comes to working together) and ‘I’ when it came to protecting the Tax money- has an unconscious psychological impact that is almost unknown to us.

For years, Pakistan’s ordinary man was considered separate from political entities in the country. That means primordially, our ordinary man had never felt empowered enough to be part of politics and yet more rarely, had been given any chance.

But when you talk to someone on their level, not about metros and motorways but real, important issues of their life, you show empathy and understanding.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Although for some it might be an alarming call to give up their luxuries and adopt austerity, for many it was a breath of fresh air and tabdeeli in a true sense. Comparing it to Bilawal Bhutto’s speech in parliament that was carefully organized, well-practiced and almost emotion free, it lacked the intensity of PM Imran Khan.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The hand written notes of Imran Khan that got viral yesterday was another element of connection. Fake or not, it bought- together with his address- a new realization that the Prime Minister would now be accessible.

We wish the new PM all the Best!


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