Nazish Jahangir has been a talented addition to Pakistan’s showbiz industry. She has nailed every role she has played since her debut in 2017. Viewers believe that Nazish brings to life every type of character she plays, whether positive or negative.

The actress received the most praise for her performance as an antagonist, Shamila, in the drama Kahin Deep Jalay. It was Nazish’s spectacular acting and her ability to act out in such a way that no one could help but despise Shamila for appearing naive while plotting such evil plots. Following Kahin Deep Jalay’s Shamila, Nazish Jahangir’s Anaya in Inaam-e-Mohabbat continues to win hearts.

Inaam-e-Mohabbat was another geo entertainment masterpiece that received praise for its intriguing plot and ensemble cast.

Many people only watched the drama because it starred Nazish Jahangir. Through her incredible performance, she demonstrated that she truly knows how to act, no matter what characters she plays.

Inaam-e-Mohabbat :

Inaam-e-Mohabbat is a complex love story with class differences. It centres on Mair (Haroon Shahid), the son of a wealthy businesswoman named Sabeen. While Anaya (Nazish Jahangir) comes from a modest, middle-class family, Anaya’s father has been a reliable driver for Mair and his family for many years. Despite the huge class differences, Mair falls in love with Anaya, despite the fact that his mother is completely opposed to the relationship. There is also a love triangle because Monizay (Sidra) is in love with Mair, and because they are both wealthy and come from powerful families, Mair’s mother wants her only son to marry her.

Anaya’s Role:

She faces unimaginable problems after marrying Mair, including the death of her baby, but she holds her ground and is able to make even those who hate her respect and love her through her unwavering patience.

Maintaining such a complex character and making it likeable in every episode and scene is a difficult task, but Nazish Jahangir’s acting skills demonstrated that she is capable of taking her talent to the next level and direction. After seeing Nazish play such gloomy characters in the past, viewers were sceptical that she was the right choice to play Anaya, but with each episode, she proved that this character was made for her. She did complete justice to Anaya through her composed dialogue delivery and body language, from maintaining her calm yet emotional demeanour to balancing the character’s strong and weak sides.

The plot of Inaam-e-mohabbat was predictable, but Nazish gave her role, and thus the plot, originality and uniqueness. Throughout the drama, people have specifically praised her acting, and her ability to make everyone sympathise and adore her character proved her mettle as a great actress and left a lasting impression.

Her work exemplifies dedication and consistency. Her love for acting helped her hone her skills even further with each character she played, and it didn’t take long for Nazish to win over her fans with her incredible performances.


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