As a viewer, we want to avoid monotony. With such diverse content available at the click of our finger, it is easy for us to just switch to something else if it doesn’t grab our attention instantly. Each time we turn on the TV or watch something, it has to engage us instantly. This is something 7th Sky Entertainment has mastered. Every drama the producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi come up with, you would be able to find something unique about them. The stories, the journeys the characters go through, the direction – every time as a viewer, you are intrigued by it.

Take Fitrat, for example. We see Saboor Ali in an entirely new type of role for her – as Fariha. She is flamboyant, to say the very least. She is insecure about her social status and hence is always on the lookout to find a short cut. Yet, she is confident in her actions. She is unafraid to try and seduce men. Men who seem more than willing to give in to her charms. Yet, at no point does the director cross any lines. You cannot label it crass at any point, but you do get the message as a viewer.

On the other end of the spectrum is the role essayed by Ali Abbas. He plays a slightly gullible man named Shahbaz, who lives under the burden of his past. Again, you can feel the pressure he is under. The moral choice he has to make is complex. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he is unsure what to do. Those watching at home would also feel his angst.

The storyline and journey of these two characters embodies the whole drama Fitrat. Even if you don’t know such individuals in your own life, chances are you would still understand each character’s motivations. It’s not an everyday, run of the mill story but is being told in a related manner. Fitrat is different from all other dramas running on TV, yet it will engross you and keep you hooked. 


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