Drummers normally have a kind of personality which act as a magnet in attracting people. However, if the same drummer could sing as well as direct, and also happens to be insanely cool with a dashing personality, the guy is in to make waves in the industry. And that is  exactly what Farhad Humayun, the front man of the musical band “overload”, has been doing all these years.

Having released two very unconventional musical videos along with his band, playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, as well as working with Coke Studio has earned him a really good name.

Farhad Humayun however recently revealed to us that he has been diagnosed with brain tumor,  a news which left us all sorrowful while praying for his quick recovery. He announced this on his Instagram post on Friday, and we must salute the courage with which he dealt the entire situation.

“I won’t slow down or give up or feel sorry for myself!” I guess that is the best message the drummer has given us. No matter what the ordeal is, you stand steadfast and handle it with utmost strength.

“I will be back with more music, videos and art as soon as i get my strength and stamina back and exit these dark skies”  And this is how you stand upright, and tell the world “bring it on!”

At times when you are caught up in a perpetual gloom, the artists of the era rescue you by adding colors to your very monotonous and boring lives. But when the artist himself gets trapped in a difficult situation it becomes your moral duty as a responsible citizen to help him out of the situation, however meager the effort may be.

The APD Prime team wishes Farhad Humayun a speedy recovery. We are sure he will come back stronger and continue to brighten our lives with his colorful work!


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