A period drama or television series generally showcases a production set in a particular historical period, which is portrayed using the sets, costumes and the props characterizing that certain era or period.

Now that we come to think of it, how many period drama serials have the Pakistani media industry made?

You are right, not many! And out of the few we have, even fewer were able to truly set benchmarks in the industry. The biggest set back that period plays bring is that other than being tough for the producer and the director to recreate an era that has passed, its even more expensive to do so. Additionally, they require a lot of time, which means they require more effort than your usual drama! And then, you never know if the play would garner the kind of response you want it to!

“Sadqay Tumharay” and “Dastaan” were two of the most famous period plays, both of which were aired on HUM TV. 

After consecutive hits of period based drama serials, HUM TV is now back with another one! “Aangan” 

This drama serial, which vows to take you back to the pre-partition era, has managed to gather an enviable cast! Oh yes, starting from the Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Meer’s stunning couple, as Chammi and Jameel,


all they way to Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussain’s great chemistry together,

the project looks like a hit from the very beginning.

If this was not enough, we have Mawra Hocane, as Aliyya who is going to be the narrator in the drama, and from whose lens we are going to be experiencing the entire story.

Apart from the A class cast, the direction and production looks to be in great hands as well. Mohammad Ehtishamuddin, the acclaimed director who has previously directed great hits such as “Udaari” and “Sadqay Tumharay”, is back on work with “Aangan”. “Momina Duraid Productions” are going to be responsible for the production and Mustafa Afridi is the writer, who adapted the script from an award winning novel, “Aangan” written by Khadija Mastoor.

Whoa, can’t wait for the drama to begin already! The hype it has managed to create has made waves on social media. We just hope and pray, the period drama lives up to its reputation!




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