‘Neelum seems to be stealing the show with her enchanting performance.’

Saira Raza’s ‘Dil mom ka diya’ is the story of a caring elder brother ‘Afzal’, who has a deep affection and duty towards his siblings.  He marries a self-centered and colorfully sloppy character named ‘Ulfat’, who is reluctant to marry Afzal due to her ‘high standards’. Nonetheless, she marries him since she has been tied by the family.

Source: Ary Digital

Saira Raza, the writer of ‘DMKD’ has penned a gripping script by carefully crafting each character and layering every scene with a subtext that is relatable.

All the characters are perfectly casted; be it Yasir Nawaz, Neelum Munir or Imran Ashraf. We are all aware of their immense talent but casting them in the right parts is always the key.

But for us, Neelum stole the first episode with her gripping expressions, perfect dialogue delivery, and to-the-point body language.

Source :Ary Digital

We are all aware of Shahid Shahfat‘s brilliance as a director. And we are positive that on this outing he will surely leave us spell bounded.

With the talented cast, well-written script and a clever director, ‘Dil Mom ka Diya’ surely has an opportunity to attract viewers and the much-needed ‘ratings’.


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