By Mehak Zera

In the sea of dramas being aired on TV, only a few have the ability to hold the attention of the viewers. Luckily, we have some incredible production houses like 7th Sky Entertainment working day and night for the sole purpose of providing us with the best quality of entertainment. Led by the talented duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, 7th Sky Entertainment has an unbreakable track record of bringing forward top-notch stories and unforgettable characters for the audience. Not just providing quality entertainment, they also make sure that the stories are thought-provoking and the characters are remarkable.

Their recently concluded drama, Dil Kiya Karey not only entertained us, it intrigued and inspired us as well with its tear-jerking storyline.

As it comes to an end, the ending of Dil Kiya Karey proved that love and sincerity can make a difference in a person’s life. After Saadi was brutally murdered, Armaan made it his life’s purpose to take care of Ayman and seek justice for Saadi. Not only does he fulfil his promise, Armaan becomes a father figure for Ayman’s son as well. On the other hand, Rabia finally gets her share of happiness and finds an understanding partner for her. While Saadi’s killers are finally caught, Armaan plans to leave the country, as he thinks that his work is done. However, Rumeesa spills his secrets to Ayman as she blames her for Armaan’s decision. Eventually, Ayman manages to stop Armaan and their endearing story finally has a happy ending.

While there’s no denying the talent that Feroze Khan and Yumna Zaidi possess, they have once again proven their mettle as Armaan and Ayman. The way both of them portrayed the transformation of their characters is highly commendable. The supporting cast, which includes some of the best actors in the industry, played their parts perfectly and complimented Feroze and Yumna’s performances. Although Dil Kiya Karey has come to a conclusion, the story and characters will stay with the viewers for a long time to come.


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