Deewangi is a drama that has grabbed our attention since its first episode because of its intense portrayal of important elements such as power and politics. Produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama has kept the audience hooked and continues to rule their hearts resulting in chart-topping ratings. Starring Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari, and Ali Abbas, the drama has reached a pivotal point, and throughout its run, it has masterfully depicted the ugly and bitter realities of our society, especially related to women.

Nageen, played by Hiba Bukhari, is an important character in the drama, and through what she has to face in life, we are shown some of the harsh realities that women face every day. In the initial episodes, Nageen was living with her sister and brother-in-law and was living a difficult life. We could see how people take advantage of women who are alone or have no parental support.

As soon as Nageen started working as a bus hostess, we saw how she, and many other bus hostesses like her, were harassed every day.  Workplace harassment is widespread and common in our society and whenever women have to go out to work, they have to face it. The worst part is that they cannot complain about it since it is considered to be a mistake on their part. In Deewangi, we saw a clear depiction of this multiple times.

Furthermore, Deewangi also highlights how women are fearful of sharing the truth regarding the harassment they have faced since they feel insecure regarding sharing the truth. Nageen’s sister prevents Nageen to share about Sultan Durrani to Haroon since she felt that Haroon and his family might consider her to be wrong and may not trust her.

Furthermore, Deewangi highlights how powerful men like Sultan Durrani make the life of women they want difficult if they reject them. Nageen, to defend her honor, slaps Sultan publicly, and she bears the brunt of it for years to come. Taking revenge of that one slap, he makes Nageen’s life miserable to the extent that she had to leave the city and settle in another one. Acid attacks, abduction, rape, sexual harassment are common ways to take revenge against a woman who rejects a marriage proposal, and Deewangi shows how a women’s life becomes tough when they use this fundamental right and try to defend their honor.

Hence, Deewangi has a lot to offer to the audience, and there is no reason it should not get the kind of amazing response it is getting. Since the drama is towards its end, we are looking forward to finding out whether Nageen will be able to get justice and happiness in her life, and will Sultan Durrani be held accountable for what he has done so far in making Nageen’s life miserable. We can’t wait to see what turn the story will take now!


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