By – Aysha Ahmed

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s latest drama serial, Darr Khuda Se, under the well-known entertainment house, 7th Sky Entertainment’s banner has started off with a bang since its very first episode. The drama has been written by Sarwat Nazeer and is directed by Anjum Shahzad. The leading stars of the drama are Sana Javed, as Afreen and Imran Abbas is playing the negative character of Shahwaiz.

Episode 3 of Darr Khuda Se gave more screen time to Tamkeen, played by Kiran Haq. Being the spoilt and arrogant daughter of the house, Tamkeen in this specific episode, outshines with her egotistical character. When her parents try to get Afreen married off, Tamkeen overhears everything and throws a huge tantrum while smashing fragile crockery all over the place. Assuming that no one in the house wants to see her happy, she decides to find her own happiness on the outside.

And that’s when we meet a new character in the drama – Rasheed, the vegetable vendor. Tamkeen and Rasheed hit it off immediately, thanks to the attention Tamkeen seems to be receiving from him.

As for Afreen, she decides to resign from her job to send off a message to Azhar, that she does not work at the office just so she can mingle with the men there. Her resignation puts Azhar in his place and he apologizes for his behavior, making several requests for her to join back.

Let’s talk about the heartthrob of the drama, Shahwaiz. Today’s episode clearly displays the hate he feels towards his wife, Gul. We get to hear some typically abusive words that Shahwaiz uses for Gul, praying for her to die soon and give him his freedom.

Another interesting character advancement for Shahwaiz is the shocking scene with his maid. He puts sleeping pills in Gul’s glass of milk and once she is deep in her sleep, we see him advancing towards the maid’s room. The flirtatiousness combined with the wickedness of his character that he shows in this specific scene has been carried out really well.

It’s still hard to believe that our very own cute, romantic Imran Abbas is playing such a playboy, Casanova character, but the truth is, we are loving him even in this avatar. The direction and production of the drama by 7th Sky Entertainment is pretty exceptional and we can’t wait to see what’s coming for Afreen next.  


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