Whether you are from Nawaz league or PTI, or any other school of thought, it is high time that we realize the urgency of the situation because we all are from one country- Pakistan. Pakistan is drying up and we don’t have more capacity to secure the excess water that comes from the rivers and rains.

Today after Faisal Javed’s tweet, the new PM Imran khan came up live to convey an important message to overseas Pakistanies, after much needed appeal to the locals for building Bhasha Dam.

The efforts of collecting fund for a dam has taken place under Chief justice’s appeal for almost two months now. Today, Kaptaan asked the overseas (Europe and Usa and even middle-eastern) Pakistanis to contribute at least 1000$ or more to the his separately opened account which will ultimately merge with Chief Justice’s account.

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Opening his address today, he first reminded of his promises to resolve the issues of Pakistan, and that from last two weeks he has been taking presentations on various economical issues- from electricity to gas but water being one of the biggest of them all the problems.

The economical burden has increased with loans so taking another would only worsen it. Borrowing money is not an option, PM Imran khan pleaded to overseas Pakistanies to generate as much fund as possible, which will in turn improve the foreign reserves (Increasing the value of rupee) as well as aid resolve the water crises which is expected to affect the country in about seven years of time. 

Pakistan is an agricultural country, whose financial well-being is based on agricultural vitality such as farming. Addressing to this issue, he highlighted the impact on crops and generations to come!

If you would like to donate, here are the details of the account:

PM-CJ Fund For Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dam
Bank: State Bank of Pakistan Title: Supreme Court of Pakistan Account No: 03-593-299999-001-4 IBAN: PK06SBP0035932999990014

Apdprime appeals all the Pakistanies- locals and overseas to unite at this crucial moment.

And kindly leave out the non-worthy issues and focus on the real challenges!

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