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Music without borders is a common term. But Music without gender discrimination is the new aphorism with Coke studio’s unanticipated addition this year: Nagma and lucky– the highlights of Baalkada- and they have truly warmed our hearts.

The vibrant transgender duo have stolen the show with their signature style singing, intonating a grandmother’s lullaby on her grandson’s wedding.

Balkada waday qabeelay wala ni chan mera Balkada

 O baby boy, pride of the tribe, my darling baby boy

The song has elements of Tappa and rock mixed with a playful baseline-which might sound odd to some but gives a modern flair to the native, tribal theme. And not to forget Jimmy Khan’s soulful vocals throughout the composition making it more of a contemporary-tappa melody.

This may be the first time that Coke studio has not only explored talents across the country but also brought in diversity on a literal, grander level- raising the bar of expectations and making such platforms accessible for anyone if they are truly talented, as it was apparent from this Season’s anthem ‘Hum Dekhengay’.



Team APDprime wishes all the best for the upcoming episodes!


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