Starring Bilal Abbas Khan with his striking good looks as Wajih and the talented Saba Qamar as Mannat in lead roles, Cheekh has already gathered a huge fan following because of its bold and thrilling story revolving around vengeance. The drama is a Big Bang Entertainment project, produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi, and directed by Badar Mehmood.

Episode 17 gives us goosebumps as we watch Wajih slowly transform into a monster.

With the wrong kind of support and freedom coming from Yawer, we can see Wajih slowly turning into a monster, just like Shayaan had predicted in the previous episode. He shows unreasonable anger, taking out his frustration on poor servants. You can finally see that his confidence at getting away with his crime might be wavering.

Yawer may have been supportive of him, but his reactions to things are now scaring him as well. He apologizes to the servant, who looks badly injured and then warns Wajih to gain some control over his urges.

However, it might be hard to ignore the fact that even in that villainous avatar, Wajih is breathtakingly amazing. His acting, his delivery of dialogues and the way he presents his character in a psychotic, aggressive form is mind-blowing.

We love the new Shehwar who is no more afraid of Yawer and is ready to speak up for herself.

From the timid and silent Shehwar that we have all seen in the previous episodes, this one brings out a bold and new version of her, who is now speaking up for herself and smirking at Yawer, for she now might be aware of his reality.

For the first time in the entire drama series, Shehwar’s character outshone in the episode, because her acting was simply spot on. She tells Yawer that she is pregnant, which makes him extremely uncomfortable, as he knows he cannot be the father of the child.

Wajih is becoming more vengeful and aggressive by the minute.

Getting warned by Yawer and being interrogated by Haya on the truth about Mannat might have rattled Wajih enough to show a surge of aggression. As his revenge on what Mannat is putting him through, Wajih resorts to endangering her mother.

As Shayaan and Mannat celebrate their good news of Mannat’s pregnancy, Mannat receives a call from Wajih who informs her that her mother might need her. This is enough to make Mannat and Shayaan run back home to check after her mother, who is nowhere to be found.

The drama ends with a lot of questions for the audience to think about.

Where is Mannat’s mother? Is Shehwar really pregnant or is she just trying to get the truth out of Yawer? Will Wajih’s actions put him into more trouble? To find out, keep watching Cheekh.


By Aysha Ahmed


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