After giving us three hit music numbers already, Team Heer Maan Ja is in no mood to let us just sit back and wait for its release on Eid!

Instead, the filmmakers from IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films have decided to spoil us again with another soulful number from Heer Maan Ja, ‘Chan Mahi’ sung beautifully by Abdullah Qureshi. And boy! This one promises to be one of its kind – a song that evokes all the feelings of loss and heartbreak with some tear-jerking lyrics by the singer himself along with the talented Kinza Razzak!

Needless to say that Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan make a gorgeous on-screen couple and In Chan Mahi the couple looks even more appealing with some beautiful visuals from the movie that shows Heer and Kabeer being pulled apart and longing for each other. Both of them compliment the overall feel of the song with their heartbreaking expressions and gestures.

In this one visual where Heer looks gorgeous in that minimalistic makeup look, clad in black eastern wear, shows her struggling with her emotions, while Kabeer faces her with the most heart melting of expressions on his face.

The video also features Abdullah Qureshi, where he can be seen singing the song soulfully on a microphone. Abdullah’s flair as a musician is there for the world to see.  ‘Chan Mahi’ has already amassed over 400,000 views in two days and that on its own explains the success of the song for music lovers. You can’t help but listen it on repeat.

With each song’s release, we are becoming more impatient to witness Heer & Kabeer’s love story. It’s already making us yearn to see what’s to become of Heer & Kabeer.

 Here’s to hoping we can make it through to Eid to watch the movie in first day first show off Heer Maan Ja!

Till then, watch the music video of Chan Mahi here:

By Hina Ghaffar


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