Starring Amar Khan, Hamza Sohail, and others, this drama is now on air, unfolding the compelling story of news reporter Mishal and her colleague Hussain. Their commitment to honest and brave journalism leads to a pivotal moment when Mashal confronts a politician, sparking turmoil in her life. The first episode unfolds as follows:

Mock Anchor Interview Drama

The initial episode kicks off with Husain filming Mishal for a mock anchor interview. When Mishal stumbles over a word, he corrects her with irritation, emphasizing the importance of nailing it on the first try in front of the camera. Mishal, feeling upset about the constant scolding, apologizes and proceeds to record the segment again.

Recording Critique

During Mishal’s interview recording, she’s advised to loosen her scarf, with a reminder that it’s not the olden days. Upon completing the recording, she’s informed that it’s good but she mispronounced the word corrected by Hussain. Despite pronouncing it as instructed, she asserts this, only to be pressured by the person who insists they know better.

Controversy Surrounding Zambeel Shahid

Meanwhile, a new controversy swirls across social media involving actress Zambeel Shahid, whose intimate scenes from an international movie have been leaked. Headlines address this issue as the anchor questions Naved Khan, a senior anchor, seeking his opinions. On television, Naved Khan openly criticizes Zambeel Shahid, expressing his personal disapproval.

Naved Khan’s Opportunistic Move

Subsequently, Naved wears a sly smile, and when questioned about it, he reveals that breaking the news is for those who take action, while others simply follow. He implies that he’s the source of the news and declares that Zambeel Shahid’s case is now in his hands, presenting an opportunity for him to gain unlimited benefits.

Mishal’s Mother and TV Dreams

Mishal’s mother spends the entire day watching the news. When her husband inquires about the reason, she casually mentions it’s because she has free time. He insists that he knows her well and believes she watches the news to see her daughter fulfill her childhood dream of being on TV. He adds that it’s unlikely to happen and suggests she should have pursued LLB and gotten married by now.

Financial Struggles and Borrowing from Hussain

Following the recording, Hussain drives Mishal to her solo residence. Struggling with overdue rent due to a delayed salary, she requests to borrow money from Hussain. Initially, he mentions she should have informed him earlier, stating he doesn’t have cash. However, he returns to her place later, having visited the ATM, and provides her with the needed money.

Teenage Neighbor’s Gossip and Mother’s Advice

Mishal’s peculiar teenage neighbor, who also happens to be her landlord’s son, has an odd interest in her and questions why Hussain drops her off. Annoyed by his audacity, Mishal dismisses him. The young man then goes to his mother, sharing details about Hussain dropping Mishal late at night and the neighborhood gossip. His upright mother scolds him, advising him not to meddle in others’ affairs and to focus on his studies. Irritated by his mother’s reprimand, he storms out of the room.

Anchor’s Salary Dispute and Sudden Termination

An anchor approaches their superior, questioning why only one month’s salary has been provided when six months are overdue. The anchor then contacts the head, who is conducting interviews for anchor positions and falsely boasting about the competitive pay. The head instructs to terminate the anchor and not to bother them further.

Zambeel Shahid’s Offer to Naved Khan

Naved Khan receives a call from Zambeel Shahid, who informs him that since he’s keen on breaking news, she’ll personally appear on his show to answer any questions they might have. Excited, Naved warmly welcomes her, stating that she is always invited to his show at 10.

Mishal’s Anchor Position Confirmation and Unwelcome Greeting

Mishal receives a call from her department, informing her that she’s selected for the anchor position. Excited, she’s asked to start working on the same day, and she willingly agrees. Upon reaching the studio, her head warmly welcomes her. As she enters, she notices someone packing up and moving out. The person approaches Mishal, confirming if she’s the one replacing her, and with a sweet smile, utters, “Welcome to the hell.”


“Breaking News” provides a unique glimpse into the harsh realities of media, presenting a compelling narrative through characters like Mishal and Hussain. The drama navigates the challenges of journalism, emphasizing the demanding nature of the industry.


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