Its no secret that artists from both sides of the border have helped contribute to Pakistan and India’s harmonious relations, through a mutual respect and admiration for art. Art has always been considered the ultimate personification of love, peace and harmony. It has played a pivotal role in bringing nations together through a display of sheer respect for arts and artists alike. However, to say that the tension on the borders didn’t ever find their way into the entertainment industries of both countries, would be far from truth.

Ignoring all the previous examples of India spewing hatred against Pakistan, the most recent one has not only made us angry, but sorrowful too. India has consistently been blaming Pakistan for its unproved involvement in the Pulwama attack which took lives of over 44 Indian soldiers.

While we are all aware of the kind of atrocities Indian soldiers have been posing on Kashmiris over the years and the concept of them having a taste of their own medicine might excite quite a lot of us, we have however chosen to stay humble and mourn the death of Indian soldiers while maintaining that Pakistan had absolutely nothing to do with the Pulwama Attacks.

So where did this cold war begin and how far has it gone till yet? Lets take a look

It all began with the cancellation of Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi’s visit of Pakistan, scheduled by the Karachi Arts Council, for a literary event in honor of Kaifi Azmi. While things could have been treated in a different and less hateful manner, Indian celebs had something totally different in mind. Javed Akhtar was quick to start his twitter war through this post:

Akhir kachi goliya to humnay bhi nai kheli na!

This was where Shan Shaahid, the most versatile Pakistani actor intervened and gave a shut-up call to this hate speech.

What seemed like a rather humble and disarming reply to Javed Akhtar’s hate speech, didn’t quite have the intended effect, for the Bollywood actress Kangna Ranautt stepped up into the spot light and well, took things a bit further. In an interview with a local TV channel, she said:

“Pakistan has not only violated our nation’s security but it has also attacked our dignity by openly threatening and humiliating us. We need to take decisive actions or else our silence will be misunderstood for our cowardice,”

She however has yet to figure out what kind of bravery allows a person to dig his own grave! Anyhow, she went on to say:

“Bharat is bleeding today. The killing of our sons is like a dagger in our gut. Anyone who lectures about non-violence and peace at this time should be painted black or put on a donkey and slapped by everyone on the streets.”

Speaking about donkeys, as a Pakistani we have all grown up believing in the abundance of donkeys in Pakistan. Ooops… Looks like India took the lead!

“Right now is the time to focus on decisive actions. Pakistan’s ban is not the focus, Pakistan destruction is.” Kangna Ranautt

You Wish!

The young Pakistani actor, Mirza Gohar Rasheed was quick to respond:

Joining this twitter war, Hamza Ali Abbasi responded in his usual wise manner:

There are a few sensible people in India too… Lets stress on the word “FEW”! One example of them is Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been advocating peace and love between the neighboring countries, ever since Imran Khan took up the PMs seat. In an interview with a local TV channel, Sidhu said:

“Nations cannot be held responsible for the dastardly acts of terrorists. The terrorists do not have deen, mazhab (sect and religion). There are good, the bad and the ugly. Every institution has them. Every nation has them. The ugly need to be punished. But individuals cannot be blamed for the dastardly act.”

Don’t quite believe someone had the audacity to say that aloud? Here listen for yourself!

This however wasn’t really taken quite easily by the Indians, whose fire for revenge had blinded them from seeing and listening to reason. As an aftermath of this speech, Sidhu received widespread criticism and was asked to exit from the Kapil Sharma Show.

Aur btaon?

  • TSeries has removed Atif Aslam’s new song which has been released just a day before the Pulwama Attack.
  • Ajay Devgan has refused to release film “Golmaal” in Pakistan.
  • All Indian Cine Workers places a complete ban on Pakistani artists in their country
  • India nay hamaray tamatar bhi bund kerdiye!
  • Among the various anti Pakistan protests, the cutest of them is probably the one initiated by a local stall owner Anjal Singh who is offering a 10 Rs discount to anyone who shouts “Pakistan Murdabad”…
  • Ajay Devgan starrer movie “Total Dhamaal” wont be releasing in Pakistan

    A wise man once sang: Ismein tera ghaata, mera kuch nai jaata!

  • And then we have the hackers! Can you imagine, Indian hackers hacked 200 Pakistani websites as a revenge against Pulwama attack! Impressive! Yeh waqayi itnay bewakoof hain ya pretend kertay hain?
  • Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has asked everyone to stop playing any songs sung by the Pakistani artists…

Looks like India has decided to wage war… Not on a nation, but on the entire concept of art and the respect it deserves. And well, PM Imran Khan’s narrative quite simply sums it all for us:

Pakistan will not think about retaliating if it comes under attack, it will most definitely retaliate


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