Pakistan’s leading production house, 7th Sky Entertainment, served us with yet another chartbuster drama serial – Rang Mahal during the 9pm slot on Geo Entertainment. Produced by the dynamic duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asada Qureshi, penned down by Shafia Khan, and directed by Zahid Mehmood, this captivating tale offers many twists and turns in the story every day.

Rang Mahal’s all talented cast consists of Ali Ansari, Fazila Qazi, Humayun Ashraf, Sehar Khan, and Arooba Mirza in the leading roles. As a result, the drama has been topping the TRP charts on a regular basis.

It is a screenplay full of romance and sentiments orbiting around the story of a young girl, Mahapara. Mahapara was the daughter of the house help, but she was brought up in the riches of Fazal Ali’s home, considered one of their own. Fazal Ali has two sons, Sohail and Rayed. Soon after Rayed’s return from America, sparks ignite between rayed and mahapara after initial resilience. Later on in the drama, Sohail’s real face is also revealed where he wants to keep relations with mahapara despite having his wife, Hajra. Hajra is also a fascinating character that despises mahapara and is fixated with the idea of her being a house help and leaves no chance to bring her own. The story revolves around all the hardships Mahapara has to face, paying the cost of love in a class higher than her.

The narrative perfectly captures the theme of status differences and class culture that has been embedded into our society as a whole. Penned down by Shafia Khan and directed by Zahid Mehmood, Rang Mahal has become the talk of the town. The serial kicked off with a tremendous start and has been in the lead of local entertainment channels TRP charts for the 9pm time slot.

As the story progresses, the characters continue to impress the audience with a different twist in the story every day, and so maintaining the lead with remarkable TRPs.

With such an interesting narrative, the drama has TRPs at an exponential rise!

All in All, Rang Maham is the type of drama serial that depicts the actual reality of our society where there is no tolerance for people lower than their class. It has been displayed with many extraordinary twists and spice. People keep coming back for more, reaching views up to 21.2 million on YouTube and looking up to the firm, brave, and independent character of Mahapara to stand up against serious allegations made towards her. It talks about feudalism, harassment, class system, and owning your roots which is why people are over the moon with brilliant content.

People have been able to connect with the actions on a personal level because of their phenomenal performances. They have been called ‘the rising stars of the industry for their appreciable cinematics. The incremental views and TRP ratings are manifesting the interest it has built among the audience. The serial has the potential to continue with its winning streak as Rang Mahal still has a lot in store for us , and we can’t wait to see how Mahapara’s story unfolds itself.


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