Bilal Abbas Khan Steals Our Hearts Away Once Again – with Laal!


Bilal Abbas Khan’s much awaited telefilm “Laal” was telecasted on Pakistan Day and undoubtedly it was worth the hype! A true epic in every sense of the word, Laal delivered what it promised, and much more, with the exceptional versatility of the nation’s heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan.

Just as his career has started to take off with Balaa and Cheekh among other hit dramas, he takes on the role of Behram from Balochistan, a struggling young boy from a poor family, who wants to become a naval officer, despite his fisherman father’s disapproval; a true soldier at heart!

Even when faced with the difficult decision to execute a traitor from his own family, Behram is unwavering in his duty towards his country. Bilal Abbas Khan delivers an intimate and a heartbreakingly accurate portrayal of a young naval officer, whose first priority is always going to be his motherland.

He is electrifying as Behram; a compassionate hero, stunning in his simplicity, but still manages to be jaw dropping in the effect he has on his audience. Fans took to Twitter to appreciate his performance in Laal, and the vulnerability and ease with which he portrayed the role of Behram.


As an actor, Bilal Abbas Khan has an unmatched talent that makes it difficult to recognize where he delivered his best performance out of all the perfect appearances he makes in the show. His flawless acting, and the sheer ease and malleability with which he creates new characters make him instantly likeable. The characters that he plays leave an imprint on your mind which is going to stay. In his work, we see him transcend the script and direction, rising above even the most accomplished actors around him.


By Yusra Waheed


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