Bandhay Ek Dour Se has been a fan-favourite ever since it went on-air and we can definitely see why. This 7th Sky Entertainment drama, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, has all the elements that make it a perfect watch, and these past few episodes, the story has been getting even better. In the latest episode of Bandhay Ek Dour Se, we see how even the best laid plans (evils plans) can fall flat due to an incident outside of any one’s control.

The episode starts with Umer casually showing interest in second marriage to his parents. All on the behest of Roshni. However, when the parents and dadi react strongly to it, he avoids their questions. Meanwhile, Maheen spends her nights reminiscing old times and missing her husband. Umer has a fairly casual attitude towards the whole situation until Roshni suggests divorcing Maheen. He then becomes defensive and starts to recall all his good memories.

In their efforts to bring back Maheen, Umer’s parents plan to visit her home. Roshni becomes aware of their arrival and manipulates Maheen again not to reveal the reasoning of not wanting to live with Umer any longer. She is fretting having to disappoint her taya and taie. But sees no other choice.

However, before anything could happen, news comes that the parents have been hospitalized due to a car accident. This changes things, as the family comes together. After some discussion, Maheen volunteers to stay the night with her mother in law.

The unfortunate accident has brought the family together. Maheen will be spending time with her in-laws and that might give both a chance to clear any misgiving. With Umer already having second thoughts, it might spell an end to the plans of Roshni.

However, given how she has played the game thus far, you wouldn’t be surprised to see her bring another rabbit out of the hat. As things stand, Roshni was having her own without any problems. Now it will be interesting to see if things change for the better for Maheen or not.  


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