Baddua is ARY Digital’s yet another new project that is hitting our screens soon. Starring an unconventional cast of Muneeb Butt, Amar Khan, Mohsin Abbas, and Maryam Noor; the storys’ teasers are now out and boast a high level of entertainment.

 A project of Abdullah Seja, the drama is a story by Samina Ejaz of Phaans fame and is being directed by Ramish Rizvi of Jhooti fame.

Muneeb Butt and Amar Khan are surely serving looks in the new teaser. Their chemistry too looks electrifying and intense, as they dazzle in color-coordinated looks in the promo. Bumping into each other in utter Bollywood style, the duo lock eyes and it is clear that they fall head over heels in love with each other. Romance is in the air!

However, the other promo shows our heroine as a fierce, headstrong woman who wants to break chains and feels caged amongst those around her. She appears as a career-oriented girl who has big aims but lacks the support of those around her. She appears like a blazing go-getter who is determined to pursue her dreams for good. 

She feels frustrated and agitated with the women in her life, who all feel that marriage is the sole purpose of a girl’s life. However, the promo gives a hint that her father is someone who is an advocate of women empowerment, something we would love to see in the drama.

But we need to know so much more to discover the tale behind the name of the drama ‘Baddua’. What curse is the title talking about?  Earlier, in a Facebook post, Ammar Khan had clarified that the drama fortunately, will not have her avatar portrayed as the physically abused, damsel in distress- something evident from the teasers.

We are looking forward to Baddua. Will you be watching the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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