Azlan Shah
Azlan Shah

Azlan shah started his career with Pakistani feature film moor.
Later he landed with Tons of TV commercials and became the famous face of Samsung, Nescafe, Askari bank,  Careem and others. After a break,
Azlan started a youtube channel and became the next big social media sensation after a video of him went viral roaming on the streets of Karachi with a Lion in his cars backseat. The video was circulated all over news channels in India too.

Azlan’s journey with animals started at a young age when he began rescuing stray cats, donkeys and various exotic animals. Azlan was also the first Pakistani youtuber who made a video with a Hyena who he rescued from poachers and then released back into the wild.

In an conversation with Azlan Shah, we asked where he gathers the courage to tackle exotic animals especially lions and tigers – the biggest maneaters. He expressed that Allah created us from the best of the best Creation. The skills he has given us are unique. We can use our power in the right way or wrong way. It is entirely up to us. It also depends on our Positive energy. The Lion is the king of the jungle for a reason. He has a pride, he has a ego and he doesnt easily accept anyone. I had to maintain my confidence, gain there trust, give time and provide genuine love for them and that’s when the Lions accepted me. The beauty about wild cats is that they are very different to normal house pets such as cats and dogs. In order for a lion to accept you in to there territory- I have to act like a lion, and by this i dont mean that I go in making lion noises. I mean that I set boundaries, what they are allowed to do and what not. If a sharp claw comes, Il stop them right there. With that being said, i have mastered the body language too and that’s why when I meet a lion I’ve never met before, I tackle them with the skills I’ve learnt. I first monitor there temperament. After all there called wild animals for a reason.

We asked Azlan shah what his future aspirations are and where his passion will take him. Azlan explained that he wants to open a education sanctuary for exotic animals who have been rescued by poachers. Consisting of Lions, tigers, leopards, Bears, hyenas and pandas. The sanctuary will provide an opportunity for visitors and animals to gain knowledge and knowledge and insight to what it takes to raise wild animals; the dos and don’ts.

Azlan personally believes that wild animals should never be kept as pets, not because they cannot be tamed. Merely because he wants to protect the wild life. He believes wild animals belong to the wild. We should not disturb them. Petting an exotic animal should only be an option if they have rescued from poachers or if there mother has abandoned them- a situation where raising them in captivity will be less harmful than to leaving them in the wild.

After this conversation with Azlan we pray that his dreams come true. He has set a great example for humanity and we hope the world sees many more Azlan Shah’s.


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