The latest sensation to hit our television screens is ARY digital’s ‘Mein’. Featuring the dynamic duo, television queen, Ayeza Khan and the uber-dashing heart-throb Wahaj Ali in leading roles. Mein is off to a promising start and has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline.

The supporting cast of the drama includes Azeekah Daniel, Usman Peerzada, Shehzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam, Agha Mustafa, Nameer Khan, Sabeena Syed, Alizay Rasool, Rohi Ghazali, and Shiza Khan.

The Plot

The narrative for the drama ‘Mein’ revolves around the complicated persona of Mubashira, a character inherently driven by ego, seeking dominion over every aspect of her life, be it her love life, career or friendships. ‘Mein’ is off to an impactful start with the story building up within the first four episodes which has already captivated the audiences.

After Mubashira was humiliated infront of a huge crowd by being given a divorce by her husband Mohib, she later found out he had on the same night married her best friend Hina. Saving her from the public embarrassment was none other than the uber charming Zaid (Wahaj Ali). Zaid and Mubashira’s fathers are business partners and close friends and due to this relationship, Zaid was seen protecting Mubashira.

Viewers are deeply enthralled by the drama’s distinctive plotline, which intricately delves into the individual journeys of Mubashira and Zaid. While the two have not had many scenes together, their powerful chemistry in the OST can tell us that the coming episodes are going to be worth the watch once the story begins to unfold. Now that Mubashira has declared that she wants to get married again, will Zaid be ‘forced’ to marry her? Zaid is currently dating Aira (Azekah Danial) and the two are head over heels in love with each other. As the OST suggests, will Zaid end up marrying Mubashira due to his father’s insistence? We are anxiously waiting to see how Zaid and Mubashira – two strong willed individuals exist cordially together.

Ayeza Khan Steals the Show as ‘Mubashira’

Ayeza Khan is currently stealing the show with her overpowering presence in the show, from her demeanour, precise styling to her dialogue delivery everything fits perfectly well. Far from the good-girl roles that she has always essayed in the past, her role as the vivacious and feisty, ‘Mubashira’ is a treat to watch and does remind us of Ayeza as Mehwish in ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’.

Wahaj Ali Impresses as ‘Zaid’

Rising to peak stardom with the success of blockbuster drama serial, Tere Bin, Wahaj Ali has received immense love from fans from all over the world with his popularity skyrocketing. Wahaj Ali’s acting prowess is nothing short of awe-inspiring, consistently leaving audiences in a state of admiration be it as the best husband from Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha or the Murtasim Khan that impressed all. With every project he undertakes, he seamlessly molds himself into the essence of his characters, breathing life into them. While we do not know much about Zaid yet, his on-screen presence exudes an undeniable charm, he seems to be the loving brother and doting son plus a caring boyfriend. While we are loving his chemistry with Aira (Azekah), we can’t wait to see him and Ayeza Khan setting the screen on fire.

Kudos to the Team Behind ‘Mein’

The drama is a Big Bang Entertainment presentation, produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi, and is directed by ace director Badar Mehmood who has a number of blockbuster dramas under his name including Dunk, Ishqiya and Cheekh amongst others. The intense love story is penned down by popular screenwriter, Zanjabeel Asim Shah who has previously teamed up with Badar Mehmood for Balaa as well.

Mein airs every Monday at 8 PM on ARY.


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