[Karachi]: Ayesha Omar, the prominent star of Bulbulay fame and soon to be featured in Taxalli Gate, recently shared a video showcasing her in an elegant ensemble on Instagram. While celebrities often find themselves subjected to comments on their fashion choices, occasionally bordering on moral scrutiny or religious judgments, Ayesha Omar exhibited remarkable composure in response to a critical comment.

In a social media landscape where individuals and fans can be quick to express unsolicited opinions, Ayesha Omar encountered a troll who commented on her outfit. Rather than succumbing to frustration or engaging in a heated exchange, the celebrity chose a lighthearted approach to diffuse the situation. Responding with a touch of humor, she retorted, “Bite Lo, Light Lo,” dismissing the comment with a playful attitude and refusing to let it impact her demeanor.

The incident highlights Ayesha Omar’s ability to navigate the often treacherous waters of online criticism with grace and humor. By choosing not to let negative comments affect her, she sends a message of resilience and self-assurance, setting an example for fans and followers alike. The phrase “Bite Lo, Light Lo” introduced in her response has triggered curiosity among netizens, prompting speculation about its intended meaning.

As social media continues to buzz with discussions about this exchange, Ayesha Omar’s adept handling of criticism stands out as a testament to her poise and resilience. Whether this playful remark becomes a catchphrase or remains a singular moment of wit, the incident reaffirms the celebrity’s ability to rise above online negativity, focusing instead on maintaining a positive and composed presence in the public eye.


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