Agha Mustafa Hassan nails his performance in Neeli Zinda Hai!

Famed for his meaningful roles in many projects, Agha Mustafa Hassan is quickly making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Agha’s versatility knows no bounds and his recent role in the horror drama serial, ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’ on ARY Digital has certainly caught the attention of many.

Agha Mustafa plays the role of Salman Faisal’s father. His effortless transition from playing a young lad to the grey-haired Nawab Sahab has truly been impressive. He has proved himself as a very capable actor with some brilliantly conceived scenes. Agha’s screen presence and semblance in Neeli Zinda Hai has definitely turned many heads.

Those who have kept us with the story of Neeli Zinda Hai have many theories about what his character might entail, such as the fact that he might be Neeli’s husband who had murdered her in the past which is why she’s haunting him now.

Agha’s character has certainly added the much needed spice and mystery to the play and viewers can’t wait to watch the next episode to find out what happens!

Agha shared the clips from the recent episode to his Instagram and asked his fans for their thoughts on it. Here is how his brilliant performance has led to conversations on social media.

Agha’s transition into playing a character far older than him has certainly impressed the viewers. We can’t wait to see more from Agha in the upcoming episodes of Neeli Zinda Hai, and other upcoming projects.


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