‘Aaya Larye’- not the Shady Song of Your Dreams!

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With our sky-rocketing expectation, JPNA 2 has released another song, somewhat intended to become the ultimate wedding anthem this season. And of course, as seen in most other releases, its tune had to be inspired from somewhere else- which now demands the question of originality. Khair, miss karao!

Anyhow, Aaya larye is quite an upbeat number and is another version of Ayaa larye from coke studio season 9, composed by Shuja haider and sung by Naeem abbas Rafi and Meesha Shafi. The only difference in this ‘updated one’ are the exchanged vocals from Meesha Shafi to Aima Baig.

Might be created with perhaps the best of intentions, Aaye larye lacks the audial edge which Meesha Shafi bought to Coke studio. It looks far less energetic for a classic-wedding song, with poor choreography and dance -particularly referring to Mawra hocane ;Her moves looked amateur for an experienced dancer.

Fahad Mustafa, on the contrary, has bought some zeal to the boring deal. The handsome star’s moves were on point. The couple could have had made a good chemistry if only Mawra had not hopped around like a child.

Her dress might have been too heavy to handle. Who knows? Only Manhish Malhotra. Only Manhish Malhotra…

But even the set looked empty and dull. Lacking colour and crowd; Guess not a lot of people were invited to this wedding.

Comparing it with ‘fair n lovely ka jalwa’ from Jawani Phir nahi Ani 1, ‘Aya larye’ seems to have far less potential. The only common thing is that both Sohai Ali Abro and Mawra wore ‘Pink’ Ghaghra Choli in their respective songs.

 The Difference is too much to ignore!

But we still hope the very best for JPNA2 cause picture abhi baki hai, meray dost!


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