Mera Susral Cover AAN TV
Mera Susral Cover AAN TV

AAN TV has ignited excitement with the release of the promo for its much-anticipated drama serial, “Mera Susraal.” Presented by Gold Bridge Entertainment and directed by Kashif Zaman, this upcoming series has been penned by the talented Sajjad Haider Rizvi.

The promo offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of “Mera Susraal,” promising an engaging storyline that is set to captivate hearts. As the creators bring their creative vision to life, viewers can anticipate an enticing blend of storytelling, emotions, and entertainment.
The drama’s premise centers on the journey of Dua, who enters a household after marrying Nadeem Ahmed out of love. However, she finds herself amidst sisters-in-law consumed by the greed for wealth, a predicament that poisons the happiness of both Nadeem Ahmed and Dua.

The tug of dominance between the elder and younger sisters over Nadeem Ahmed adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. Despite their efforts, the love between Nadeem Ahmed and Dua perseveres, serving as a testament to the power of affection.
The cast features the talented Saniya Shamshad and Faraz Farooqui as the leads, portraying Dua and Nadeem. Joining them are Nausheen Shah, Saima Qureshi, and Amnah Malick, enriching the cast with their performances.
“Mera Susraal” is poised to captivate audiences not only through meticulous production but also a compelling script. With its multifaceted characters and resonant themes, this drama is sure to leave a lasting impression.
As the premiere date approaches, anticipation builds for “Mera Susraal,” promising a journey through love, relationships, and the complexities of human desires. Stay tuned to AAN TV for this upcoming treat that promises an immersive and enthralling experience.


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