There is a war going on between Pakistani Youtubers and  It all started when a Youtuber Saad aka Ducky Bhai made a roasting video of another Canada based Pakistani Youtuber  Sham Idrees and Sham couldn’t handle the Roast and then the series of video war started and now it turns in to physical war when Shaam Idrees’s wife froggy was hit by angry mob at a Meet and Greet session in Karachi in result of hatred they got after exposed videos by other famous youtbers such as Zaid Ali T , Mooro , Ducky Bhai , Shaveer Jaffri and Samo ( Khujli family ).

After the incident Sham Idrees decides  to give a reply to all other youtubers and give an end to this war . You can watch video here:

After watching this video we are not sure it is an end to the war or it is starting of another mega war ? what are your thoughts  ? share in comment !


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