ARY Digital brings back season two of its original reality show Tamsha after massive success of season one. The 2nd season Just started and is already making some noise as the participants are fully energetic and giving so much entertainment to the viewers .

This Year Team Tamasha invited us and other media persons / journalists to the House for press conference with the contestants and gave us exclusive access to the behind the camera scene as well .

Qambar Shaikh from All Pakistan Drama page

The Q&A session was quiet interactive with the fourteen contestants Including Faizan Sheikh, Natasha Ali ,Omer Shahzad, Junaid Niazi, Amber Khan, Aruba Mirza, Michelle Mumtaz, Zainab Raza, Ali Sikande, Adan Hussain, Danish Maqsood, Neha Khan, Nida Firdous and Rana Asif .

All 14 Contestants during Press conference

The Host Adnan Siddiqui aka Badshah salamat was there throughout the session and briefly explained the concept of the show and how it is different from other shows of its kind by stating that “ This is My show and I can do whatever I want ,I am the one who make rules here , this is Pakistan’s original show and we are doing it in our own way ” He also announced that The show is adapted from the original Format Big Brother distributed by Banijay Rights.”

Host Adnan Siddiqui aka Badsha Salamat

The CEO of Ary Digital Muhammad Jerjees Seja aka JJ took us to the grand control room of Tamsha after the press session and gave us detailed insights of behind the camera work of the team from where they are monitoring 24/7 in house activities of the contestants and generating content for the daily Episodes.

He says ” our team closely monitor all the contestants and their activities watch them and listen to them all the time and continuously write down their each and every word , they are working day and night , they ( contestant ) sleep but our team don’t . He further added that ” we work really hard to generate decent content without creating any controversy, however , controversy can be made very easily and would spread so quickly but our aim is to provide quality entertainment” .

CEO of Ary Digital Muhammad Jerjees Seja

You Can Watch The Episode Here :


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