Main Agar Chup Hoon has been airing for a while now. Frankly, from the first episode to the latest, we have been hooked on this drama. Here are five reasons why you should get on this emotional rollercoaster of a ride too.

A Relatable Storyline

We are all looking for social mobility. In search of greener pastures, we often have to make tough choices. Leaving our loved ones behind, we travel to foreign countries to make a living. We are able to make more money, but we do leave a lot behind. At times people retain that emotional connection and protect their relationships. But some give up quite easily. Main Agar Chup Hoon tells a story of people who are left behind. It is perhaps likely that you would know someone with a similar tragedy. Or least heard similar stories in your friend’s circle or extended family. Or may something similar that has affected you personally. This makes Main Agar Chup Hoon is a highly relatable story.

A Chance to See Fatima Effendi and Adeel Chaudhry Together Again

Well, the famed Munafiq pair is back together. We did enjoy how different an energy the duo has bought to the screen. The dynamic is different. Honestly, Ahad and Imam a lot more likeable as a pair. So we cannot complain.

A Strong Supporting Cast

We have already mentioned the lead duo. Then there is Hammad Farooqui as the third person in this equation. All three have done an excellent but what’s more important is that the support cast in Sehrish Khan, Nidaz Mumtaz, Aisha Gul, Khalifa Sajeeruddin, Sajida Syed, Farhan Ali Agha, Sumaiyya Bukhsh, and Yasir Shoro have all brought their A game to the table.

Multiple Life Lessons

Since the story is fairly relatable, we are sure that many people would be learning and accessing their own behavior in such situations. May be subconsciously, the play will have an impact on our collective mentality. Is it fine to tolerate toxic behavior? How much of an influence past events should have on your future decisions? Is it easy to forgive? What are the implications on your own mental health? We get answers of all these questions.

The Pace of the Story

Often dramas can meander through for a while in the middle phase. The story stagnates and there is no character progression. Main Agar Chup Hoon isn’t plagued by this condition. Director Ali Akbar and writers Erum Wasi and Saima Wasi have done wonderfully well to make everything airtight.


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