Anna Kazmi’s “Idiot” drama series, produced by Green Entertainment, distinguishes itself through Ahmed Ali Akbar’s fearless portrayal of Gulzar, challenging societal norms. Renowned for its distinctive narrative and compelling characters, this groundbreaking show not only entertains but also prompts reflection on societal narratives, making a lasting impact.

Unveiling Cancer-Causing Foods

The episodes begin with Gulzar searching for information on foods that are harmful to health and can cause cancer. He meticulously notes down the findings on his board, systematically eliminating all indications of foods that should be prohibited for consumption.

Gulzar’s Mission: A Health Advocate in Action

True to his nature, Gulzar, armed with his research on harmful foods, embarks on a mission to educate the public. At a local restaurant, he passionately discards their teas, warning people about the health risks. Despite facing backlash and being labeled an “idiot,” Gulzar remains steadfast in his quest, refusing to back down.

Confrontation Unveiled: Rida’s Stand Against Deception

Rida, once again tailing Angel, decides it’s time to confront him. She opens the door to his hideout room and discovers another girl her age falling victim to his deceit. Witnessing the other girl leaving in betrayal, Rida’s fury intensifies. She cunningly deceives Angel into thinking she still wants to be with him, bringing herself to his knees length. On the balcony, consumed by anger, she forcefully pushes him off the flat and swiftly flees the scene.

Critical Decision: Gulzar Contemplates Chemotherapy

Gulzar’s doctor advises immediate chemotherapy, but Gulzar insists on conducting research before committing. Despite the doctor’s assurance as a professional, Gulzar remains dissatisfied. Inquiring about the chances of survival post-chemo, he learns it’s only 34-40%. Questioning the worth of enduring the pain without a guaranteed survival, the doctor urges him not to lose hope.

Viral Stand: Shaukat Ali Takes Notice

Shaukat Ali, upon watching Gulzar’s impactful standing-with-banners video, instructs one of his associates to keep a close eye on Gulzar. Acknowledging Gulzar’s unpredictability and persistent opposition, he directs his associate to hire a vlogger with the aim of tarnishing Gulzar’s image, intending to make his life even more challenging.

Family Turmoil: Rida’s Revelation Sparks Chaos

Rida’s mother, attempting to bridge the gap with her daughter, inquires about Rida’s apparent tension after returning from school. Rida opens up about the incident, but her father overhears and erupts in anger, berating and accusing her of becoming a murderer. Threatening to kill her, Rida’s father faces resistance from her mother, who intervenes, slaps Saadat, and boldly declares she doesn’t care if he decides to divorce her amid his threats.

Disturbing Dream: Gulzar’s Mother Urges Action

Gulzar’s mother, disturbed by a nightmare about her son, insists that her husband call Adil to inquire about Gulzar’s whereabouts. Following her request, Gulzar’s father contacts Adil. When Adil arrives at Gulzar’s house, he encounters Gulzar, but the latter’s condition appears to have deteriorated, and he faints on the spot.

Anxious Revelation: Gulzar’s Hospitalization Unravels Tensions

Gulzar’s parents receive a call from Adil, initially filled with excitement that quickly turns to tension when they learn Gulzar is in the hospital. At the hospital, Gulzar’s father, overwhelmed with guilt, seeks forgiveness and pleads with Gulzar not to leave them again as he did before. As Gulzar sheds silent tears, his father senses something amiss and probes, questioning him about what might be concealed or if he’s hiding something.

Defamation Unleashed: Vlogger’s Impact on Gulzar

The vlogger, tasked with tarnishing Gulzar’s image, successfully completes the job, causing the video to go viral once again. Rameen, coming across the video, becomes deeply concerned for Gulzar and shares it with her parents. Despite her parents’ reassurance that Gulzar needs to take care of himself, Rameen remains persistently worried and tense, leaving the episode on a suspenseful note.


 As characters navigate these challenges, their lives converge in a web of emotions, guilt, and resilience. The conclusion hangs in the balance, leaving the audience eager for resolution and closure, wondering how the intricate threads of these gripping dramas will ultimately weave together.

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