22 Qadam is a Pakistani sports drama TV series, crafted by Zeeshan Ilyas and helmed by Anjum Shahzad. The stellar performances of Hareem Farooq, Wahaj Ali, and Kinza Razzak bring the characters to life with excellence. 

Aliza’s Emotional Turmoil Unfolds

The episode unfolds with Aliza, tears streaming down her face, witnessing Junaid’s deteriorating condition. Overwhelmed, she queries the doctor about his well-being, learning the devastating news of partial paralysis. Junaid, once passionate about sports, now faces the grim reality that he can no longer pursue his athletic dreams. The doctor, attempting to console Aliza, emphasizes the silver lining—gratitude for avoiding complete paralysis.

Amber’s Heartbreaking Plea to Her Father:

Amber, engulfed in sorrow over the shattered prospect of her marriage, seeks solace from her father. Tearfully, he implores her forgiveness, acknowledging his role in the relationship’s demise and the impact on her life. Despite her pain, Amber assures her father that he bears no blame and urges him to plead for another chance for their union.

Fari’s Dilemma: Balancing Chaos at Home and Friendship’s Call

Fari receives a distressing call from Aliza, who is immersed in tears. Aliza divulges Junaid’s accident and his current condition, prompting Fari to grapple with the decision to visit amidst chaos at her own home. Ultimately, she chooses to support her friend, recognizing the gravity of the situation.

Junaid’s Resentment: A Complex Mix of Love and Blame

Confronting Junaid, Fari becomes the target of his anger and resentment. He blames her for his current predicament, asserting that her presence is a constant reminder of what he has lost. Yet, amidst the bitterness, Junaid unveils the layers of their past love, recounting how her dreams became his. Fari, torn by his hostility, is asked to leave and never return.

Seeking Redemption: A Father’s Desperate Plea for Amber’s Marriage

Amber’s father, accompanied by his brother, embarks on a mission to seek redemption for his perceived failure. They approach Zohaib’s house, seeking another chance for Amber’s marriage. Zohaib’s father, initially reluctant, agrees to intervene, aware of the urgency due to his imminent flight.

Zohaib’s Reluctant Acceptance: Bowing to Father’s Will 

Zohaib’s father, disappointed in his son’s stubbornness, confronts him about the unreasonable decision to call off the marriage. Zohaib, citing his aversion to a cricket-crazed partner and differences in complexion, reluctantly agrees to reconsider, coerced by his father’s insistence.

Amber’s Cold Indifference: 

During Amber’s nikkah ceremony, she requests a favor from Fari: to remain unseen during the proceedings, expressing her desire to avoid any overshadowing. Post-nikkah, Amber doesn’t extend a goodbye or bid farewell to Fari, indicating an intense level of disdain, and leaving Fari in a vulnerable state.

Fari’s Emotional Breakdown: A Pivotal Moment of Desperation

Overwhelmed by anguish, Fari rests her head on her father’s lap, reflecting on every decision that led to the blame and hatred directed at her. In an emotionally charged moment, she declares loudly that she will never play cricket again, shocking her parents. Despite her mother’s pleas to refrain, Fari stands up, sobbing, heads to her room, tears down posters, and sets fire to her trophies and medals. Unmoved by her mother’s continuous appeals, Fari loses balance, but her mother rushes to support her before she falls.


The episode unfolds as a poignant narrative, delivering a heart-wrenching experience with exceptional emotion portrayal. From Aliza’s raw despair to Amber’s silent plea, the characters’ struggles resonate deeply. Fari’s pivotal moment, vowing to abandon cricket, shocks her parents. The scene in her room, demolishing cricket memorabilia, visually emphasizes her emotional turmoil. This episode is a testament to storytelling prowess, drawing the audience into the characters’ tribulations and evoking genuine, heartfelt responses.

Episode link: https://youtu.be/SwXLjELJWMc?si=w_qdTANxaaf_IEwL 


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